December 14, 2010

carrying a tune

The weekend was an opportunity for both of them to shine... and it seems there is nothing a mother loves more than to see her children basking in the light of their hard work. And if the shining and the basking is set to music, all the better.

The high school music department put together such a show Friday night! Chorus, orchestra, two concert bands, the jazz band, dance line and color guard, and then... the grand entrance of the marching band. It was almost more than the auditorium could hold... and every bit of it was festive and beautiful. Perhaps my very favorite part was the very first song the chorus sang... by candlelight. I would have loved to see her face while she sang, but the glow of candlelight was lovely and warm... and her strong, sweet voice carried all the way to very back row where we sat... all the way into the corners of my heart.
And after such a night... the marching band arrived back at school before dawn to head off to Disney World to march down Main Street. I would have loved to cheer them on... but Saturday had to be for Cam.

For weeks he struggled with his piece... having it come together at his lessons, but finding frustration when he was practicing on his own. Take a deep breath, relax, let your fingers dance... they know the song. And after stepping back, he would begin again. Heading off to the recital I reminded him... that having a "twinkie" would not be a big deal... and if it happened, just keep on playing. When it was finally his turn at the piano, all eyes on him, he took the bench and let those fingers dance. I could feel my head nodding along with his notes, my heart keeping time... and I might have been holding my breath. I felt a hand on my shoulder and let my eyes leave him for just a moment... turning to see the smile and the tears rolling down my Mom's face. Camden took his bow to a rousing applause... his face a mix of pride and relief. My own smile began to ache... so wide and bright.

I love to see that glow on their faces... and their bright eyes glittering with the satisfaction of a job well done. Sometimes I think I have not fully taught them the value of hard work, and then... I realize that these experiences are lessons in themselves. Tonight is the last concert of the season, and Cam's turn again. I will stand in the back... finding the best viewpoints as he moves about the percussion section.
I am so thankful that these two have their own songs to sing... and that they aren't afraid to sing them loud and clear.   
And through this season, I will carry their tunes close to my heart.


Richella Parham said...

So that's why you haven't been writing. . . you've been BUSY with life! So glad the performance went well--and so very, very glad you have these moments to remember!

Dawn said...

Yes. You captured the joy of seeing our kids shine. And music this time of year is especially wonderful.

And, perhaps this happens all the time in FL, but how fun to march at Disney! Pickle will be singing in a choral festival at Disney in April!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Those two KNOW the VALUE of HARD WORK. They have two wonderful examples in front of them.
Love that they are both doing what they love....and doing it very well.

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! i too, love music and have always prayed my kids would be musical in some way ... that has yet to be seen, but i'm not losing hope.

i especially love that they have a SONG in their hearts!

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