December 02, 2010

past time

It was my goal for September.  And October. 
I did the research, found some deals and still... never went.  But finally, as we were chasing down the last days of November, we carved out the time and it was more fun that I could've imagined.  There was laughter and smiles that I can never conjure, nevermind capture.  I think it has been a million years since the last portraits were taken, and I've been proudly displaying Laura's photo from 6th grade all this time.  Definitely time for an update
Simply having a photo of my two kids, back to back, makes me grin with glee. Truly.  I'm not waiting so long next time... this moment will never come again.  I'm not ruling out better moments... I'm just lingering in this one. 


Kelli said...

Fabulous!!! Handsome an beautiful! I know you're glad you made the time to capture your sweeties!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

These are wonderful!!!!
Love them back to back as well. So cute!!!
I am taking the girls to the beach today for Christmas card photos. Hey, it is only December 2nd. Right?

dawn said...

those photos are adorable and a treasure! good job getting those done!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn, I just love these! They turned out so great! :)

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

love, love, love!!!

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