July 25, 2011

on the way

I did kiss and hug him first, but there he stood in front of me and I was so curious!  So off came the shoes and there we stood in the hall, back to back, waiting for the verdict.  It was close, but I still have a sliver of height over him.  Not for long though... this I know

Soon after, my girl emerged from the room and the hugging and kissing started all over again.
Two weeks away from them and it felt like a month.
We all need a break once in a while!

Donuts and chatter, snuggling in, packing up and waiting around in the sunshine. And then... we were on our way to the Grand Canyon, with a stop in Sedona.
Bring on the West!

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Loui♥ said...

how I remember those days...
of hugging..
until finally..
my baby..
my Keith..
reached a sliver of an inch..
taller than me at 5'2"..
and thus became a battle of sorts..
which was QUICKLY curtailed..
nipped right in the bud..
you may be taller..
and stronger..
and outweigh me...
you will always be MY CHILD..
above all I AM YOUR MOTHER!
YOU will respect that fact..
and all will be fine..
and it was..
and to this day..
my child..
my grown manchild..
is still and will always be ..
my first true love..
with mutual admiration and respect..
we are still living ..
happily ever after!!
hugs sprinkled with tears..

Busy Bee Suz said...

Two weeks would feel like a MONTH!!!!!
I can't wait to see all your photos!!!

Pam said...

Sounds like a beautiful trip. : )

Gabe said...

i have only about 4 inches on my 11 year old, Leslie. . .and both the boys have grown past me already!

Thanks for stopping by and catching up.

Your post about the family has been rattling around in my head the last few days. Isn't it amazing when a momentary meeting makes a lasting impression on your heart? Glad you were able to help them out! You have such a servant's heart dear friend!

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