July 13, 2012

catching up on a friday

Last Friday didn't feel like Friday... having a holiday right in the middle of the week had me wondering what day it was at all!  And so two full weeks went by without any writing... and I am, once again, finding my way back. And not just here...

I am the closest I have been to well in a quite a while.  The past three months have been a roller coaster of getting better and feeling worse... the doctor thinks I had a bad virus, which left me in really bad shape.  What lingers now is the wheezing and tighness in my chest... but I have a new list of fixes, which is hopefully just the right recipe.  I did get the green light to start walking just-a-little-bit, to try to get these lungs back in shape!

We celebrated the Fourth with a picnic on the beach with friends... complete with a wonderful fireworks show.  It has been years and years since our four have all been together on the Fourth, since Laura & Cam are usually travelling with Gran & Grandad, and I was anticipating the four of us watching the fireworks all together. But... a certain young lady had a party invitation, and we were back to three. My graduated girl is coming into her own and I think I'm going to need to really embrace three...

Last Saturday found a lot of us at the local zoo... Laura having her volunteer orientation and Cam & I wandering around for a visit. We are beginning to see the zoo through different eyes, now that my Mom is volunteering there. We love to hear the behind the scenes chatter, and hear the joy in her voice as she talks about being a part of the zoo. (And once Laura really starts it will be all that much more!) The highlight of our day was feeding a giraffe... I loved watching his long tongue come out and wrap right around the lettuce leaf! If only I could have reached out and pet him...

I think I'll save this week's catch up for later. 
Coming soon: a little day trip, anacondas & a lot of laughter.


Corinne Cunningham said...

It must be neat to see the behind the scenes of the zoo!
Glad you're starting to do better... I can imagine how frustrating it must be not to be able to do what your brain thinks you can, but having to listen to your body and rest rest rest. You're almost there :)

Southern Gal said...

Yes, it's going to be so much fun to hear Laura talk about doing something she loves. We can pet the giraffes at our zoo. In fact, they are a little too up close and personal in my opinion!

And, oh, how I wish you were near so we could walk together! i'm glad you can do that much. Take it easy.

Loui♥ said...

whatever Crud which..
sideswiped you..
must've had plenty of relatives!
My son, Keith in Cocoa Beach<
was knocked for a serious loop about the same time frame as yours..
He called last evening, sounding for the fist time in literally MONTHS, like my son..
instead of a wheezing, hacking whooping crane! says his back still hurts down deep inside..
Am so glad to hear you are on the mend!
take care..
I'm all set and ready to hear your latest adventures!!!
warmest hugs..

Busy Bee Suz said...

Three is good too...you take what you can get when your kids have 'lives'! :)
I can't wait till Laura starts working at the zoo; I might have to invest in a family membership then.

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