July 17, 2013

the day we stopped to smell the roses...

When we left Disney World, we had a plan. And more reservations.  With  four in the car, we headed north to Zoo School to drop Laura, and then headed more north to deliver Cam to Boy Scout Camp {he missed the caravan to camp because we were celebrating!}  We drove for hours in the dark, thankful for the roadside fireworks show in Perry, GA, but weary with the fun and miles behind us.  After tucking into a motel for a night's rest, we drove the last few miles to camp.  Cam let me kiss him goodbye in the car, and half-hugged me before we drove away. 

the camp chapel...from the road

And then it was just us... two.  Nine hours from home. 
The plan was to stop back in and have lunch with Laura, with the next stop home... but a roadside sign advertising peaches talked us into a u-turn.  The little farm store was almost open, and the row of rockers, and free samples, invited us to wait. 

We were treated to juicy slices of fresh peach, and creamy sweet ice cream (peach & pecan!)... and a little bit of time to just sit and enjoy the morning.  It was lovely, really... to have an open agenda after the rush of Disney and getting everyone where they needed to be.  And I think, maybe, we were just where we needed to be...for just a moment.
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Thinking of this beautiful morning, and the man I shared it with.  My hero, my love, the birthday boy.  Happy Birthday, Eric!


Gabe said...

Happy Birthday to Eric...love this! I don't do this often enough!

Manda said...

sounds So Lovely! We Can See Lauras Phone Number :/

Pam said...

Love these little moments that seem almost to insignificant to notice that become the thing we remember. And happy birthday too. : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a lovely little pitt stop for you both; wonderful.
Peaches? Icecream? pecans? PERFECT!!!!
I hope Eric had a wonderful birthday!

Mindy said...

The peaches sound wonderful! They grown them in the other half of our state but they are not ready yet - you have me drooling just thinking about them! Happy Birthday to your boy : )

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