December 31, 2013

honey badgers and his seventeenth...

On this very last day of 2013, I am still in my pajamas mid-morning.  I have two cakes in the oven for tonight, and a to-do list spinning in my head...but I can't seem to motivated beyond the cake.  I made a cake yesterday, too...

Yesterday my baby boy {I know I shouldn't call him that}turned seventeen.  If I think too long about it I might cry.  {Did I say that last year about him turning 16?  Yes.}  We spent the day together and laughing, which is just what a birthday should be.  And then there was... cake.

Our visit to the zoo was fantastic... I love watching my Mom interact with the people and get so excited about "her" giraffes.  It is also such fun to hear Laura's chatter about this zoo and her school zoo!  Cam was most excited to be at the honey badger keeper talk.  They are his current favorite animal and it was really fun to see the three run around and interact.

And just before we left... the lioness started roaring {loudly and with her whole body!}, surely wishing Camden a very happy birthday!

p.s...and next year?  when he turns 18?  i really am going to cry. 


Southern Gal said...

That looks like so much fun! Ethan can tell us all about honey badgers from Wild Kratts. ;) Happy birthday to your Camden! Seventeen. Wow.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hear that the Honey Badgers are pretty fierce!
So glad Cam had a great 17….so, can you stop it NOW? I think 17 is the best age, so lets freeze him now.
Three cakes? What, NOT four? You are slacking….

Pam said...

Happy 17th! : )

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