January 03, 2014

friday letters... the first of 2014

Dear Friends,
Happy New Year!  You have been on  my mind and in my prayers... I am hoping you could wave goodbye to 2013 with a smile and look towards this new year with hope!  I am hoping and praying about a lot for this new year... near the top of my list is a healthier year!  It is hard for me to believe that I was down February through April, and then struggled with sinus, bronchitis + a breathing mess from October through December. {I think I am doing better... still on steroids, which I love and hate all at once!}

Dear Laura,
Your time home went by so quickly!  I can't believe you got on that bus today {don't worry Suz, she is probably there by now, breathe!} I am so thankful that Dad made it from his call to meet us so that you two could say a proper goodbye!  It was so nice being four again... and three kind of seems lonely now, but I am excited for this next semester and all it has in store for you!  It was such a treat to hear you sing in church twice... and I'm thinking that when Dad gets home I'm going to listen to your song again...

Dear Mother Nature,
Well... you certainly brought a chill for today!  I didn't think it was possible to go from 86 to 66 in a day, but my chilly feet are crying out for socks!  Really, the air feels nice... and we have been waiting so long!  I am praying that my northern friends can weather the storm with their electricity, and good humor, in tact.

Dear Camden,
Seventeen.  Yes, I can say it now without the threat of tears.
You have earned each year with your hard work and perseverance... and lived each day with a heart of gold.  Okay... there was that one day you had the temper tantrum about not going to the art museum when your sister was sick, but I think I can overlook it.  I am so thankful that you the weekend and a couple more days of no school, no homework!  I so enjoyed watching you getting started on that Eagle project...

Dear Christmas Tree,
I am actually ready for your ornaments to go... but the lights?!  Not quite yet.  I love how they twinkle and add just the right light to a dark morning or a cozy evening.  You have so kindly provided a spot for Scout to lounge, and it seems this year, you have come to an understanding with her!

Dear Scout,
I am still shaken from the crash you caused the other day.  Shaken, and amazed.  How did you manage to knock over the vase and only destroy only the flowers?!  I am so thankful nothing broke, or even fell from its place of honor on the piano.

Dear Weekend,
Oh I am hoping that you will come with motivation.  There is so much I hoped to accomplish before returning to work, and while that list is out of reach now, checking off two or three things might suffice. And maybe, just maybe, you have a beach sunset in store for me... I think my soul is in need!



Mindy said...

Oh that sky! I admit to being one of those who take down my decorations the day after Christmas but I also hesitate with the little white lights on the tree and mantle - my favorite too. Happy New Year!

Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

Thanking Renee for introducing us. Your newest follower!

Happy highways,

Southern Gal said...

The decorations come down today. I've held out for Donnie and Ethan, but today is the day. I understand the number three feeling lonely, going from nine at the table nearly everyday to three has nearly done me in. It's too quiet. Here's hoping you stay warm, stay well and enjoy many sunsets this year. Hugs.

Pam said...

We are awful...our tree came down on Christmas DAY. Yes, we are weirdos. LOL Wow on your weather.I didn't know Florida did 'that'. We do that. Sometimes its 40 degrees. Crazy. So thankful flowers were the only casualty. ; ) How hard is putting your sweet girl on a bus??? I love your family pic! : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, the dreaded bus! Maybe only I dread it...but still. So thankful Laura made it here and back and left you with some sweet memories too.
The weather is weird; bipolar in fact. A/c, sweaters, a/c....yadda yadda.
I don't think I've ever heard the temper tantrum story about Camden. But really, it sounds like fiction to me!!!
I'm thinking we are VERY late for a birthday lunch. Perhaps this week???

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