January 05, 2014

sunday photos

I can't help but love this face... he is my favorite of the seven, even though Doc swung close and kissed my cheek.  I just love the way his silence speaks such loud joy!  And this photo made every minute of staking out our favorite parade spot worth it!

One of my fun birthday gifts... from one of my favorite lunch buddies!  {It is actually what my gift was wrapped in.}On the days we work together lunch is always an event!

I call them my Mom's giraffes... and I could watch them all day long!  
More about them later in the week!

This is downtown Naples... where we hardly ever trek to.  But when we do, its charm seeps into your heart and makes you wonder why we don't head this way more often.  The Christmas parade is always so much fun... and in just a few weeks we'll be back for Empty Bowls & Chalk Art!

Some words to live by...
It is true... and yet this week, here it was again.  My two, toting around their stuffed animals.  Even into a store!!!  It made us all laugh, which is the very best part.  They can be downright silly... which I absolutely love.  So someday, when  your littles tuck away their favorite stuffed friends, have hope!  They just may appear again!  {and in case you are curious, that is a platypus and a honey badger!}

Happy Sunday!
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21 Wits said...

Oh wow, I just adore all the photos and your presentation of them. My favorite, gee whiz the letter G no photographer's choice, so delightful but no way you last photo is my favorite of all! Very sweet!

Ashley Sisk said...

How can you not love the first shot?!

Southern Gal said...

Sweet Dopey with his joyful face. Love it. My daddy is a huge duckbill platypus fan. When I was in 7th grade I gave a report on the platypus, per his suggestion, and made an A. Most of the kids didn't know what it was! His dream see one in the wild came true when he visited his brother who was living in Australia at the time.
That last picture? Their faces speak of joy, too.

Anonymous said...

I love Dopey! Nice series!!

Pam said...

Love. Of course. : )

Ida said...

Very fun set. Your first one does make you smile, how could you not. Although I must say that last one also made me smile. I still sleep with small stuffed animals.
Your town looks wonderful and I loved the Giraffe's. They are such interesting animals.

Unknown said...

Your photos all made me smile (except the town photo, which wouldn't inspire such a reaction but I did like it). The giraffes are great. The stuffed animal shot reminded me of my daughter who just got married last summer. She had one she had slept with for years. I couldn't believe she left it with me when she moved into her new home. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a cute post. I love Dopey too…but who doesn't??
Your Mom's giraffes are the cutest….but those last two kiddos are super special too!

Meg Taylor said...

Stopping by from Scavenger Hunt Sunday (your Dopey photo lured me in :) )! You're from Naples?!?! My family and I have vacationed there every year since I was born, I just love it there!! Great photos :)

Meg @ www.myborrowedheaven.blogspot.com

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