January 20, 2014

after the weekend...

At last, winter has come to southwest Florida.  Cool, crisp, sunshiney days that are breath to my soul.  And while our winters are not icy cold, it was just below freezing this morning {while I slept snug in my bed} before it warmed to a beautiful 65 degrees.  A marked difference from last Saturday when I was comparing the humidity to an August day.  Ugh.

Today, as the sun is starting its descent and turning my backyard glittery-gold, I am counting blessings...
-a long overdue, lively chat with my December friend
-eating Chipotle with Suz (always a blessing!}
-enjoying Laura's birthday celebration from afar
-the way a Mom saves homemade (or school-made) treasures

one mine, one my sisters... both made in 7th grade wood lab {a million years ago!}
-catching up on some sleep
-his offers of assistance
-seeing where their new home will be
-and riding the boat out where their neighborhood will be

-seeing three bald eagles... two juvenile, and a grown-up {this one while I was getting gas!}
-that he has energy after a 12 hour shift
-a generous gift of time from a friend... and my photos, saved.
-dinner for six
-an excitement filled email from that same December friend, because she knew I would "get it."

-that he enjoys the math competitions, even when the tests are hard and the results are less than stellar
-games with loved ones, two days in a row {upwords? a loss. qwirkle? win!}
-knowing you made a good decision
-love, sweet love.



Southern Gal said...

Your gratitude list has so many things I love, the lamps, the love, the friend, sleep!, weather. Grateful for you.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a great post!!! I'm hoping/praying that your health is improving as well.
Three bald eagles? I'm jealous; they are gorgeous creatures. So what gas station are they hanging out at?

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