January 17, 2014

friday letters...

Dear Laura,
Twenty.  Wow.
Even though we aren't together today, I am enjoying your birthday... sending messages, posting pictures, remembering.  You are one special girl... you made me a Mommy and you have taught me so much about faith.  You are my sunshine, my Tweety Bird, my angel-girl.  I love you.  Happy Birthday!

Dear Cold Weather,
Hooray!  I'm thrilled that it will be cold {for Florida!} for a whole week!  After that?  I'd be happy for you to stick around, or at least keep the hot weather away.

You made me laugh today!  Having to wear jeans is one thing, but a jacket?!  You?!  But the part that made me laugh... is when you didn't realize you needed to put on your jacket before your backpack.  It does make a difference!

Dear Eric,
Thank you!!!!  I'm so happy you refilled the bird feeder... the painted buntings are back!

And yesterday?  Thank you for understanding that I didn't understand... and for just holding me instead of making me try to explain.  Your arms are my safe place...



Southern Gal said...

Not being able to spend the day with your girl hurts my heart, but I'm sure her day was special. I can tell y'all don't get much cold weather! ;) I hope it sticks around for a while. Happy weekend!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Have a blessed weekend, Dawn. And happy birthday to your pretty girl.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy Laura's bday even from a distance. Surely she always feels the love.
Camden is a funny kid. LOL
Can you please put out a sign pointing in the direction of MY filled bird feeders? If I ever saw one of those here…well, you'd probably here my shrieking from there. Gorgeous.

Mom said...

I am so jealous! Maybe when we move to Naples we will have painted buntings. I am so happy you get to enjoy them!

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