January 06, 2014

when the blustery weather is on its way...

It was a day too nice to sit inside, at least after a while.  The sunshine was calling us to play while the couch beckoned rest, but soon... the bright sky won out.  I wished it cool, but that never works, even when your northern friends would willing trade a few degrees of negative for anything resembling warm.  And so we went, and sweated a little, as we enjoyed the safari road and all she had to offer...

I even ventured a little further than usual {not without fear!}

On this Monday, when the blustery weather is on the horizon, and we get news that it might be 19 degrees in northern Florida, I want to remember to count the gifts, and thank God for them.
-being awake to ring in the new year
-watching the Rose Bowl Parade, twice
-watching her face light up because her friend was there for a visit
-being fascinated by the little black snake in the tree {only because I was in the car!}
-a movie date for four before she left
-a long overdue dinner with friends who are family
-eric making it in time to give Laura a hug goodbye
-her safe trip back
-laughing at Cam when he said she's sleeping late today... even though we both knew she wasn't home
-a few more days of Christmas vacation
-mini golf and all the fun. and him pretending he was almost-falling to be funny
-a new calendar, ready to fill
-the engagement news from a friend!
-help putting away the Christmas ornaments {precious treasure!}

-a maybe last morning of the twinkling lights on the tree {but maybe not!}
-giggling over her name tag being wrong again.  but in a whole new way!
-a good day at work.  full. and busy.
-the clock ticking towards home.


Southern Gal said...

The listing of gifts gives so much insight to what is important in life. I'm glad we've been challenged to write them all down. A gift in itself.

Take a walk for us!

Pam said...

The thought of you enjoying a warm day while we shiver made me smile! But I know you have go grow weary of what seems like the never changing weather where you are. So I will look at your warm pics and think warm thoughts. : ) Love your list of happy.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your list of goodness….so cool.
No sweating today. :)

Ida said...

Isn't it great to be thankful for the "little things" we often take for granted. What a wonderful idea and post.

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