January 22, 2014

mercies renewed

I could have slept in this morning, but I find myself wide awake, and now on my second cup of coffee... just because it tastes so good.  Also, it is a procrastination tool.  I am thinking of all the things I could be/should be doing with this extra hour and a half... and maybe one of them will happen.  Maybe not.

For now... this feels nice.
: :
The decision came with a glance out the window... low light, sun yet to break.  I have missed the gifts of the morning, the light.  Donning shoes with laces, I decided it was time.  All of those mornings I thought the sun was not rising?  I was wrong.  It was me, not rising to the occasion.  And so this morning, worship music in my ear, I watched the light come.

Gradually, reaching.  Golden sun, dressing dark leaves until they glittered green-gold, and streaking across the cold ground showing the way to full morning.  Yes, I have missed this, these lovely gifts, this coming alive.


Southern Gal said...

Good for you! It looks so warm there. I'm a cold weather wimp. Cold as in the teen's cold.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love that you are back to enjoying your mornings….that is the Dawn that I know!

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