July 23, 2014

beautiful from the inside out

I have seen this challenge pop up here and there in my reading... post five photos that you feel beautiful in. I haven't done it yet, but it has me thinking. About myself. About beauty. About how I am a self-proclaimed beauty-seeker and I hardly ever look my own way for that beauty.

What makes me feel beautiful?  Laughing. Accomplishing something. Celebrating. And my husband's kisses- he can melt my negative voice with just one. And... lately?  Exercise. Oh yes, that word did just roll off my keyboard. When I have finished a workout I can actually feel the sparkle in my eyes.

I like to look pretty... hair in place, make-up and just the right outfit. But I have come to learn, that looking pretty and feeling beautiful are two different things. Completely. Because I have felt more beautiful sitting in Chipotle, hot & sweaty from a beach walk, laughing with Suz... than I have all dressed up at a party.  And dancing on dusty red clay in my hiking shoes, or lending a hand to a hot air balloon crew,  fills me with a feeling of beauty far more than putting on Sunday best for church. Let me be silly, or document a moment. Those are the things that fill me with joy... and make me see the world with smiling eyes.

Diving in to life makes me feel beautiful.


Southern Gal said...

When I read the title of this post I thought, "How fitting." Because you are beautiful inside AND out. It radiates from your heart, sweet friend. The photos speak of the love in your heart. You are always beautiful.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I couldn't love this post more! You put into words your thoughts perfectly. (I think them, but they never come out correctly or as deeply) YOU are the epitome of beauty. I agree completely, there is a big difference from being pretty to feeling beautiful.

Corinne Cunningham said...

This is the best "that looking pretty and feeling beautiful are two different things." Isn't that the truth!! You are so beautiful! xoxo

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