July 16, 2014

life lately...

Life lately... has been busy.
Once again, I have plenty to say, but am having a hard time turning those thoughts into actual words. Or maybe, I am just excelling at procrastination. Definitely a possibility! I am hoping that some of these pictures will turn in to stories... but for now, here is my new take on life lately.
1. we have been having a lot of rain. a lot. laura was making a run for the car after work!
2. a toast... to my parent's old house & all of the memories made there
3. their new house, a new chapter. complete with a big blue bow. 
4. dessert. at the new house.
5. we celebrated zipping his suitcase with a round of mini-golf. his favorite!
6. my girl. see that smile? it is because she made me walk on a snake wall. yes, really.
7. someone is having a birthday tomorrow!!! half-way between a big one and THE big one!
8. we won't be having princess cupcakes tomorrow, but i had one over the weekend and it was delicious!
9. did i mention rain? but then... this. beautiful.


Southern Gal said...

I love the little glimpses into your days. New house?! Rain and rainbows? Yes, please. A cupcake with you. Double yes.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You do excel at procrastination and I think that is a talent that NOT everyone possesses.
Is Eric going to be 45?? Wow-how does it feel to be married to such an older man? HA HA!!!
You must write about this snake wall because I'm totally intrigued.

Mindy said...

Love the rainbow after the rain. Such a life analogy there and a beautiful promise of God.

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