September 11, 2014


We often play the what was your favorite part? game after a movie or a vacation, but if you asked Cam to pick a favorite part of his Africa trip, he couldn't.  He stumbles over his words and finally just says It was all the best. But this photo documents one of his many favorites.  I am a rule follower, through and through, and I didn't raise a rule breaker but... he does have a really quirky sense of humor.  When I saw this photo, I just nodded and laughed.  It is just like him to push the envelope just a little and get a kick out it.

This sign makes me think, though.  How many times have I drawn my own line in the sand, or decided how far I can really go before I even tried?  My comfort zone is small, and I tell myself that I don't want to grow, I am done learning. I could be happy here forever, this place is good. But this spring, something in me {maybe the Holy Spirit} grabbed me by the heart and pulled me out into the unknown.  Past the I can't and the I don't want to to the maybe you can.  Sometimes it just takes a little courage to tip toe over the line... and where you go from there?  The possibilities are endless. {But if you are in Africa, please make sure there are no hungry lions beyond this point before you make your move!}

P.S. His two weeks on the other side of the world were amazing.
More photos and stories coming soon.


Southern Gal said...

I love it! I can't wait to see more from his trip and maybe a thought or two. ;)

Yes, you can and you have!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Expanding our horizons can be scary, but so rewarding.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The photo makes me snicker and also reminds me of a few 'rule breakers' that I know.
The comfort zone is hard to get out of….and I kid that I don't want to learn. ever. But how fun is it to try something new and enjoy it? Very.

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