October 28, 2015

life lately...

October has been a long month... loooong. That little surgery I had put me through the ringer, but I did my best to get out of the house now and again for an easy glimpse of fall.
1. Almost four years after my fabulous Fiesta Forty, a free photo book coupon prompted me to make an album of the party photos. It took more than I thought it would to find all the pictures - and I realized that I didn't even share much about the party here!  It makes me so happy to have the photo book around.

2. My little out-patient surgery... wasn't. We were sure we'd be headed for home four hours later, but instead, it was four days later. I am doing okay now... but it took a lot of healing to get to okay

3. The night we finally came home, friends brought us cupcakes. Since it was late, and Eric didn't have time to go to the grocery store, we had them for breakfast the next morning. 

4. A week after surgery I finally put on my face & hair for a little outing to my mom's house. It was SO good to get out! But it kind of did me in for a few days...

5. This kitty! She is not a snuggler... but she took up as my caretaker and sat with me everyday. 

6. Two weeks after surgery I felt well enough to slowly walk through a corn maze! It is the first time we have had one in our area and it was fun!

7. Eric thought we needed to take a drive out to safari road... and the golden sun set made our leaves look like fall! 

8. More fall... as in falling acorns in our driveway. Continually. 

9. I spy with my little eye... this gator! And you are supposed to see gators on Alligator Alley! I have turned my husband into a scenic-overlook- lover. This little bridge gave us a great view.



togetherforgood said...

Bless your heart, I love how you see beauty around you even in the hard stuff.

Our October has been hard-- so hard. And really, the end of September was hard. And even the stuff that hasn't been hard has been harder because of all the other hard stuff pressing us down.

But God is good. Every day.

Southern Gal said...

Yes, to birthday photos! It's so good to see you peek in here for just a little while. I've missed your writing and you!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love that even in the midst of your uncomfortable misery you're able to find some good stuff. SO glad the book is done and you can reflect on that wonderful celebration. Also, I'm still tired from helping with all the prep work.

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