November 18, 2015

life lately...

I can't seem to find the time, make the time, to sit and write... even though I have been wanting to. Maybe the wanting hasn't totally reached my heart yet. Maybe soon... I hope. Until then, here are some glimpses of my life lately...
1. i have had this basket of wooden thread spool in my garage for... ages. a few saturdays
ago i took the afternoon to unroll most of the thread and dream about a use for these pretty
spools. they are now in bag waiting to be beautiful.

2. turtles. this has been a huge undertaking at my office and they are finally out and about
around town! there is a satisfaction in seeing them, even though i also have some
personal disappointments about them. this one is at the zoo!

3. cranberries simmering on the stove-top with anise and cinnamon. 

4. i stopped for a visit with my mom and she was going through pictures. it was fun to see little me!

5. taking time for tea. and a successful chocolate chip baking adventure: gluten & sugar-free!

6. more work. we had our annual gala last week, which was gorgeous and exhausting.
but there were extra centerpieces left and i got to bring one home. a box of succulents
and tropical flowers... perfect for dreams come true in blue hawaii!

7. just a little walk on the boardwalk... to the gift shop... where i found...

8. these alligator treasures. camden is not coming home for thanksgiving, but he has been invited to dinner at a friend's house. i am so very thankful; he has received this invite! it does a mama's heart good. when i told him i wanted to send a thank you for him to bring, he requested... alligators!

9. this week i went to my very first (and second) basketball game. 



Southern Gal said...

Oh, I'm sad Camden won't be home for Thanksgiving, but oh, so happy he was invited to a friend's house! Are those alligator holders of some type? Cute!

I'm waiting on the words to come to you...

Richella Parham said...

I'm with you. I'm not sure the wanting has quite reached my heart. Anyway, it's good to see this peek into your life lately! I'll bet Camden's hostess will be excited to get that gift!

togetherforgood said...

I love you, Dawn. :) You always make me smile. Yay for alligators on their way to Iowa-- tell him you need some cows and pigs to come home with him at Christmas. ;)

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