November 25, 2015

life lately...

It was a good week.
Many blessings... and tasks completed. 
And there was snow...
1. Laura is part of the AAZK organization at the zoo. Each year they host an art auction
with art done by their favorite animal friends. It was a fun night under the stars, celebrating.

2. I can hardly believe I got my act together and packaged up 18 days of Cam's Advent
calendar. He is going to come home for the rest of the days!

3. And while I was mailing it... I remembered to buy Christmas card stamps!

4. It took me a full hour, but I did it. I cleaned off my dining room table.
It hasn't seen the light of day since... June?

5. We had our Friday night pizza on Saturday... complete with a poinsetta!

6. It snowed. In Iowa. And Cam got to build his first snowman!

7. We trekked over to the other coast on Sunday... and drove through the worst rain ever.
See that orange strip? Yes, that is where we were... the whole way. 

8. But it was worth it! It was an early Christmas gift and it was fabulous!

9. This picture made my Monday morning...



Mindy said...

I love reading of a life being lived well. I can only imagine you are very much looking forward to your son's return home for a visit. The zoo event sounds amazing! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm so happy you've had SO many good things happening lately!!!! FINALLY.

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