January 19, 2017

her twenty-third

Tuesday she turned twenty-three. We celebrated with a last minute cake baking session, pizza, and grandparents. Earlier in the day her Dad texted her a cute little jingle:
Happy birthday to you,

You work in a zoo!

The animals love you...

And we-e do too!
That was followed up by a text from Camden, just a day ad a half into his German class:
Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Geburtstag Laura!

(I'm thinking he's using an app for that!)
I didn't have a cute message, but since I was the first to wish her the happiest of days, I'm hoping that excused me!

She is a busy young lady... working three days at the zoo, three days at the Children's Museum, and occasionally volunteering at our botanical garden teaching origami, since they have an amazing origami exhibit going on right now! The museum job and her volunteer stint this past summer have opened her eyes to a broader life and she is looking forward to new experiences that just might take her on a whole different journey.

We are excited and hopeful to watch her new year unfold...

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