February 19, 2019

party crashers

She was so excited to finally be having a party!
She told me it had been a year since the last one, and I know it is one my Mom's favorite things to do. We {family} are not often on the guest list, which is always fine... but I got to thinking crazy thoughts.

This weekend my parents would celebrate 35 years of marriage. I love their love, and every day, I am thankful. Thankful that she opened her heart again. Thankful that he saved us. Mom and Bob are absolutely two of the best people I know.  We're lucky and we know it.
34 Years!
But what do you do for the people you love most, who don't need or want for anything? I thought about taking them out for lunch... but Bob would probably insist on paying. Plus, it was getting to be last minute.  My thinking cap was working overtime, and when I came up with a plan too crazy for words... I spoke them anyway. And Eric? He shook his head slightly, and took it in stride, the way he usually does when my eyes grow bright with hope. The next call was... my sister. Are you free tonight? I'll pick you up at 8pm.

We gathered up the last anniversary balloons in town, and drove across town, giddy. I felt like the prize patrol from Publisher's Clearinghouse!

It's getting late... I hope they are still there.
She won't be mad, will she?
Have you ever crashed a party before?
If I move the balloons this way, can you still breathe?
Peeking through the door, we could see that the party was in full force. We took one more photo before we threw open the door and started shouting Happy Anniversary! I could see Bob, who looked up, but hardly missed a beat in his conversation. The party guests looked a little confused, and Mom was around the corner and it seemed like she had to climb over a few people to see what was going on. But then there she was, almost teary, and in disbelief that we were there shouting and carrying on... celebrating them.
It was so much fun. 
But... not only did we crash the party... we broke it! Within a half hour every single guest had said their goodbyes and the house was empty.  But we stayed a little longer, gathered around the table, and played a game. And it felt... kind of perfect.


Southern Gal said...

You are the Party Girl! I need your ideas over this way. ;)
Happy anniversary to them!

Busy Bee Suz said...

This IS the best!! YOU are the BEST!!! Happy 35th to your sweet parents!

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