July 31, 2019

life lately...

Beginning again means that I have current stories to tell, and memories to share. Here's to last week...

1. Eric turned 50. How's that for a BIG deal?! 
We celebrated with red, white, & blue, and the man on the moon. 
His parents remember watching the moon landing while they were 
in the hospital with their newborn son!

2. A little corn-hole game between my son & I. He won. 

3. Cheers to saying YES! We really didn't have other plans anyway, 
so we drove MILES to the 5th (?) closest Cooper's Hawk for dinner and a wine tasting. 

4. Have you been to Nothing Bundt Cakes? 
They are delicious and we are hooked. 

5. Laughing is my favorite... and when it's with HIM, it's my extra favorite. 

6. I think I like a flight of ice cream better than a flight of wine... 
this was perfect for sharing!

7. This arrangement made me smile.

8. This young woman also made me smile.
She was in our first youth group way back when, and her kids are just about
the age ours were when we took that on. She made us a delicious lunch,
we visited with her family, and it was a beautiful couple of hours!

9. I've been seeking the summer sun...and have had some opportunity to bask in it!

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