July 30, 2019

the bravest...

Our girl completed her service with the Lutheran Young Adult Corps just about a year ago, and let me tell you, she loved almost every minute of it. New adventures, new faces, new places...and serving our Great Big God every step of the way. She's the bravest. 

Her Mom would have thought: that sounds fun! and then kept on with what she was doing... staying in her little box {which is very nice, by the way.} But not Laura. She's a leap-er. I more than kinda envy her courage.

In April, after being home from her service just about seven months, she leaped again... to Denver. She had been planning it for a while, just waiting for a room rental to open up in her friend's house.  And then... it was time. She packed up three suitcases, we ordered some furniture from Amazon, and we kissed her goodbye at the airport. I am truly in awe.

So...how is it going? She has a new job that she really likes - and they really like her! She is all signed up for a class so that she can be a lead preschool teacher. She has learned the public transit. She has made friends.

She's the bravest. And we are really, really proud of her.

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Southern Gal said...

Goodness, Dawn. That made me cry. Yes, she is so very brave! I am like you in that I would think about it, but continue in my little box. You gave her wings and she is flying!

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