September 25, 2019

life lately...

It's the middle of the week and I'm feeling light... because I'm on vacation from work! I wanted to feel energized and happy walking out of the office yesterday, but all I really felt was exhausted, and maybe a little relieved to be able to tune out. It was a whirlwind kind of day, getting everything checked off the to-do list, and making sure I'll be able to dive right back in on Tuesday. But I made it! 
Here's a little bit of what else has been happening in my life!
1. A little Saturday fun with my husband... we headed down to cheer on the
fishing boats coming in for the Take A Soldier Fishing day.
They were late though and we had to some other place to be!
We did enjoy our walk though!

2. Friday nights = Marching band...
I love seeing my nephew march along with his bass drum!
He had to another ear surgery this week, and I've been praying him through recovery.
He's getting there!

3. I needed a round table... to play a game.
Camden & I found one at a yard sale and a little blue chalk paint spiffed it right up!

4. This kitty... she snuggled right in under my crochet hook.

5. Pumpkins & gourds galore! A coworker and her beau brought in tons to share
- and it's given me a little fall feeling.

6. We have been on the hunt for this peach Crown ever since we
heard they re-released it. It was an exciting find over the weekend!

7. I snuck over into a friend's yard to give her a little pumpkin surprise. It gave me so much joy!

8. These lights at a local restaurant also bring me joy! I just love their starry glow.

9. And these two make me laugh... especially on our wine tasting night.
I don't know if I think they are two of a kind or unlikely friends,
but I am certain it's a lifetime friendship.

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