October 03, 2019

life lately...the colorado edition

We are home from our adventure across the country, and my heart is full. Three and a half days of being reunited and seeing Laura's new world was pure joy... and I long to unpack some stories. For now, though, I offer a few glimpses of what was a wonderful, laughter-filled weekend.

1. Seeing where our girl is living was so nice... now I can picture her there when
we talk! And she was anxious to show me her little cup, picked up at the
Cherry Blossom Festival she went to.

2. The views from our walking tour were lovely... gardens and blue skies and public art.

3. I did this as often as I could... I plan to print this and put it
on the fridge where I can see her every day. 

4. Our food truck lunch was delicious and adventurous,
and we enjoyed it fountain-side at Union Station.
I tried Korean Barbecue for the first time!

5. When you see Swahili in Denver...

6. We passed these window boxes twice, and on my second trip by,
I had to touch them. Yep. Bottle caps!
{are they still considered window boxes if they are on a fence bordering a little street cafe?}

7. We climbed the steps to the top of the Red Rocks amphitheater...
you must have to be in great shape to see a concert there!

8. One of Laura's picks... visit a meadery. I almost said - let's skip it...
but Cam brought his Bees are freaking awesome shirt especially for this visit,
so I kept my mouth shut. It was a delicious decision!

9. Our last day... spent in Colorado Springs. Siamese Twins at Garden of the Gods.
Beauty in every direction. 

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