March 04, 2010

breaking the cycle of sick

For weeks, I have been walking this road of sick. Marking each day by how many pills are left in the prescription. Instead of bounding out of bed and into my exercise routine I have snuggled deeper into the covers... hoping for a few more minutes of rest. And even that hasn't been enough to keep my eye lids from drooping while I sit working at my desk. I snack my way through the afternoon, thinking only of how my living room awaits, and how soon I can lay myself down on the couch.
And the next day, the cycle begins anew.
But I keep on... knowing that one of these days I will breathe easier. After all, it is only bronchitis.
Today, armed with a fresh new prescription and a sick day... I rest. Until I can rest no more. The blue sky beckons and the leaves are dancing in the breeze. My camera has not seen the outside of my purse in weeks... and the afternoon calls me from the la-z-boy.

Hello, sun on my face.
Hello, blue sky and dancing leaves.
Hello, beautiful day.
I may be sitting here still wrapped up in the sick, but I cannot let this day pass without grabbing a bit of it for me. What is that Pa used to say to Half-pint? Oh yes. Make hay while the sun shines. I may not be making hay... but the sun is shining. And ten minutes of life outside my blanky can only be good for the soul.



Kelli said...

Saying goodbye to bronchitis and hello sunshine and spring!! ((((HUGS))))

Pam said...

I'm so sorry you're still sick, but I know it does take a while for 'it' to go away. So hang in there and take heart, my friend.. you WILL feel better and you WILL be enjoying the sun before you know it! : )

Kat said...

Awww. Feel better soon!!

Corinne Cunningham said...

Bring on the sunshine :)

Anonymous said...

You poor thing. Seems like you've been sick for a long time. Praying for more sunshine to lift your spirits, and for healing for your body. :)

dawn said...

I hope you feel better soon, Dawn. I was hoping you were better by now... saying a prayer for you!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Gosh, you poor thing. This has gone on tooooo long. I feel so bad for you, but I hope this is the end of it.
We need your smiling face (and words) back!

Jo said...

Oh hang in there, sweetie. Rest, rest, rest. In time, you'll feel like yourself again.

Richella Parham said...

Go away, bronchitis. Far, far away.

Hello, sunshine. And hello, Sunshine. That's you, you know. Dawn. Break of day. Your presence really is like a ray of sunshine. Or perhaps Sonshine.

In any event, I pray you feel completely well very soon. I've missed you!

Unknown said...

It is so hard when you don't feel well! I hope you get all better soon so you can enjoy your sunshine : )

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