December 03, 2010

true treasure

We made it through customs long before my parents. For once, we were in the right line... but it only moved us into a small, very cramped area to wait for security to be up and running. Or, instead of crowding in, we could scoot into the gift shop. There wasn't much money left in my pockets... I had already filled my duffel bag with no regrets.  But maybe... I needed one or two more souvenirs. Anything to bring this all home with me. So I wandered, just looking and not finding anything I needed... until Eric called me over. One look, no hesitation... okay, buy it. The pieces were whisked out of the case and wrapped in paper before I even had a chance to really look at it, but that didn't make a bit of difference. I knew what it was... knew that even a scratch or gouge would not have changed my mind. I carried it close to my heart, all the way home... all the way across the ocean. The perfect remembrance and one of the most beautiful treasures we would carry home from Africa.

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Richella Parham said...

What's the creche made of, Dawn? Are the photo colors true? Ebony?? So beautiful--and just the right last souvenir!

(It's so hard to type w/a bum finger!!)

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