August 27, 2011

the empty square

Saturday morning and the house is quiet. Silent. Everyone but me is still wrapped up in sweet dreams, weary from a long week. I can't help but give thanks for this empty square on the calendar... nothing scheduled, no commitments, no place to be but home. And that is just fine... because last night we were just where we wanted to be...
Friday nights just get lovlier from here 'til November.


Anonymous said...

Oh, empty squares are the BEST! Ours isn't empty today, but it's emptier than it has been, and I have epic plans to do nothing for at least a couple hours today! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so cute....empty square girl. :)
I hope you get all your stuff done at home this weekend...that way starting Monday, you will be more relaxed.

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