February 17, 2012

in the days that passed...

While this space sits quiet, life has been anything but. I have been working my way through days, counting the hours until this Friday.  Friday will bring rest. Rest, at least, from the must-dos that have had me crying out to Calgon to take me away.  {My sweet friend did indeed bring me a box!} It has been two weeks of life... work, meeting, work, meeting... and so on. Mix in an event for 250, a rummage sale for our youth, and a dinner party for eight, and I was anything but ready for work this week, let alone Valentine's Day. But I faced it all with the One who carried me. More than once I scrawled let grace be enough across the palm of my hand... a reminder that, indeed, it is.

Love knows no schedule... and even in the midst of crazy, it danced all around our day.  Love notes scrawled in cards, stray glitter dancing across a smiling face, sweet gifts lying in wait... hand-made, heart-made, heart given.  Every little gesture, a whispered kiss.  And his gift to me was perhaps the sweetest.  Something I have the money stashed away for, and couldn't bring myself to actually purchase. I have wavered... I don't need it; I don't want it anymore; Ok, I might still want it but I don't need it... and now it is on its way.  I am so thankful I never have to wonder. He loves me. He loves me. He loves me.



Southern Gal said...

The weekend is almost here. You sound like you need it badly!

Isn't that what we long for? Security in knowing we are loved by the one God chose for us.

Pretty flowers.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am SO glad you made it to Friday!!! I love those little sweet gifts that are unexpected but really wanted too!!!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Beautiful post. Love your way with words.

jenn said...

I hope your weekend was peaceful and you enjoy the gift you've been waiting for!

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