February 28, 2012

they grow with grace

We were talking about the Sundays in Lent and she shouted out loophole! And just the other night, in the middle of a simple conversation he used the word upholstery. When and how did they shed their smallness? All I can figure is that in the blur of breakfast-lunch-and-dinner, and between shouts of did you brush your teeth? and all the rest of life that is so daily... they misplaced it. Somehow, we are talking about graduation and sophomore classes, and in small ways, it hurts just a little bit. But the big picture has me amazed, and grateful. She speaks of adventure and tomorrow. I peek at his grades online and am utterly A-mazed.

And maybe I realize that it is all grace.
I present my desires and my wishes and my biggest hopes to Him... and He pours love all over them.
Only He could take us from there to here... and only He could ease the little bit of hurt and replace it with joy and excitement over the tomorrows that are just down the road. All grace...


Gabe said...

Wisdom. . .only He can make joy!!!

My mama heart needed to read these words!

jenn said...

yes, I think it has to be all grace! cause I don't think we could make it through without it!!

Southern Gal said...

Beautiful, Dawn.

Busy Bee Suz said...

They learned those big words after dessert...surely.
I know you know your kids are wonderful and considerate....I think they should always be applauded for that.
Yesterday, Laura (NOT knowing it was me) let me out of the parking lot in front of her! The high schoolers NEVER let me out! I know she didn't even know it was me (in the new car) I thought HOW SWeet IS SHE??? Very sweet.
Then I saw her front fender...and I remembered her recent mishap...and hoped she kept some distance between us...just while driving anyway. :)

Cassie said...

Amazing grace! I love your kids and how you have raised them. Sorry I haven't been a very good visitor as of late. Seems they're all grown up now. Have a good rest of the week Dawn! xx

Richella Parham said...

All grace, girlfriend!

I owe you an apology--I STILL haven't blogged about my wonderful package from you, and I'm so sorry! I want to let my little corner of the world know about you--and in so doing, I wish my corner were bigger, so that more people could meet you! But mostly I just want to sing your praises from the rooftops, because you deserve it. :)

And while I'm apologizing, now would be a good time to say I'm sorry that I haven't yet sent you a proper thank-you note for that package. I'm afraid I haven't been a very good friend lately.

But I do love you, and I trust that you'll forgive me, because I know your heart is FULL of grace.

I thought about you this week! Jack and I took Lee to LegoLand Florida. The thought of Florida always makes me think of you!!

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