March 05, 2012

safari & son

An afternoon hour... just two of us, waiting for our other two to be home. The sun starting its sinking, washing the world in golden light. The outdoors called to me, and then, a text came in... with a picture of a baby alligator. I called for him to grab his shoes, and we were out the door, on an adventure.

He was in charge of the camera... and the hunt. We turned 'round, scanning the landscape, looking for clues. Just where did Dad take the picture?  And then, with a shout, he found it. The little gator (very little) slipped in off the sand, to join his sibling, just as we came along side.

But there was more adventure... not too far down the path.

(i have a pretty good zoom... and we were at least ten feet away)
  He couldn't resist a walk down the boardwalk and onto the path... and as reported by another visitor, there was the prize of the day. Alligator, six feet.  We wandered back... chatting and laughing and making plans. And my whole heart smiled. Just an hour. One precious hour...



Southern Gal said...

A beautiful time spent with him. I'm so glad you added the caption to that photo of the bigger alligator. You had me worrying there for a minute. ;)

jenn said...

WoW!! How exciting! I bet Mr Cam enjoyed the time togther too! :-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

So what, you didn't name him and bring him home? What kind of family are you??? :)
So glad you could both enjoy this adventure....and you call me crazy?

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