March 15, 2012

there they go

It was never my intention to not go, but here I am. Without them.
All of yesterday, my heart was sinking over the thought of waving goodbye... and my desperate heart schemed the ridiculous. But sense won out... eventually. Taking off after them to New Orleans would be fun, and I would be cheering the loudest as they marched down the street celebrating St. Patrick's Day... but as the afternoon wore on, I could see the sense in staying put.

They boarded the bus with smiling faces, snacks and unnecessary advice tucked away. And saying goodbye, have fun, text me, I love you wasn't quite as hard as I figured.

Of course, I may have been spotted jumping up and down and waving with vigor as the buses left the school {and maybe again as my friend and I raced along side...}



Anonymous said...

Oh what an adventure for your kiddos! So much fun! :)

Richella Parham said...

FUN! I'm so glad they're both at the same school for a year. You must be the best Band Mom ever!

Southern Gal said...

I would have loved to see that! They'll be home before you know it.

Gabe said...

I hope the days alone speed past!!!

Praying everyone has a great time!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I love your "mother heart.," Dawn. There's just nothing like the heart of a mother. No matter the distance between you and your kiddos, I'm sure they can feel the love.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so silly! Gosh, I hope they did not see you running along side the bus. {embarrassing much?}
It is ok to stay put...someone has to hold down the fort of your home!

jenn said...

I'm sitting here grinning like a big goof and giggling at the thought of you jumping up and down and running along side the bus!! oh, I love you!!

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