February 08, 2012

tender heart & grace

These two are so different, in so many ways.  When I find myself shouting she brushes it off as if she couldn't hear my ranting.  He might fall into a puddle of tears.  My first choice is to not yell... but mostly, I have learned to be careful and parent to each of their needs. 

Last week, I made a comment about what she was wearing.  Instead of just being thankful that she is always covered, I pointed out that it had been a week of big, baggy, icky tees.  She shrugged it off, but later that afternoon she came to me... and told me that she had been working on the pottery wheel all week and didn't want to ruin her good shirts.  My insides shivered. My heart ached. I remembered. And apologized. I forget that her heart can be quite tender too...

This morning the phone rang just minutes after they left for school. My heart stopped as I waited for the everyone is okay. It did come, but any accident can shake you.  We rushed out... and all I can say is that I am thankful for the grace He poured out on me.  He allowed me to be the Mom she needed, not the lunatic that sometime lurks inside. 

I held her and wiped her tears. 
I held her hand and rubbed her back.
I loved her like He loves me.

Everyone was okay, and things can be fixed... and grace covered it all.



Southern Gal said...

So glad everyone is OK, Dawn. The "lunatic that sometimes lurks inside" me has been heard a little too much around here lately. Grace covers. Thanks for the reminder.

Jo said...

Oh this is beautiful, Dawn. I love that phrase "the lunatic that sometimes lurks inside"--I KNOW that lunatic too well. But things can be fixed and grace covered it all. Beautiful and lovely words.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love how you can tame the lunatic who lurks inside...that is a gift.
Glad all is well. I agree, they all need different parenting from us; special kids we have.

jenn said...

When I first started reading...I was agreeing and thinking what a delicate balance it is with each kid and their needs.

then...I saw the word accident--glad everyone is ok! Will you give her a hug for me? I had my first (and thankfully only) accident at 17...I know how she feels. Love to you all!

oh, and I feel like a lunatic most of the day--eek!!

Anonymous said...

<3 So much love.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Sometimes it's hard to keep the lunatic at bay, but it only takes a split second to realize how important it is to speak words that encourage, instead of tearing down. Life is fragile. Grace is needed.

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

dawn this is beautiful. your beautiful words. your beautiful heart. your beautiful love.

i'm so very happy that everyone is okay. i'm so very happy that you let us in on the real, the grace, and the love.

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