May 04, 2012

five minute friday... real

I've been looking forward to this weekend... camping beachside. Relaxing, banishing the to-do list from my mind for two precious days and nights. But life happens and plans are cancelled. But my heart is just going with the flow... for once. Instead of cooking in a cast iron pot there will be tamales and salsa for an early Cinco de Mayo. Instead of lounging on the beach there will be boy scout badges earned and a Kentucky Derby celebration, complete with a scholarship award. Instead of coming home weary with sun and sand, refreshed by bright clean air... we'll make our way to celebrate nine years of red hair and a successful ear surgery.

The weekend won't happen as planned, but it will happen... full of fun, joy and real
And real is what it is all about, hands down.

                                                             writing for five minutes flat...



Mandy said...

Wonderful perspective on changed plans... I'm not always so easy to 'go with the flow'. Praying you have a blessed weekend celebrating! (Over from gypsy mama!)

Gabe said...

going with the glad you are embracing the changes.

I think i need to work on this.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yes, real is what it is all about.
I know'll have a blast no matter what.

Southern Gal said...

I need to take lessons from you. Changed plans are a little easier to take than they used to be, but I'm not nearly as full of grace as you are.

Pam said...

I agree with will be a great weekend, even if it's not the one you originally planned. : ) Have a great one!

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