May 14, 2012

you know you are blessed

I was scrolling facebook last night when I saw that Suz had posted You know you are blessed when...
I clicked right on through to find out what was making her feel so blessed, and then realized she wanted me to fill in the blank.


I typed out a smart aleck comment and moved on. For a minute. And in that minute, God tugged on my heart. Hard. Why have I not been counting gifts? Or even seeking them. Why am I not celebrating the beauty I see all around me? Why am I just slogging though?

I could list fifteen excuses, but I don't really have an answer.
I have a journal tucked right in my purse to record gifts, lest the next moment be so stunning that I forget the last. I could jot it right now, but I haven't. Five scrawled pages and then... nothing. For months. And it seems that as I don't count, I don't remember. And as I don't count, I forget to seek. And once you forget... it isn't so easy to find your way back. Even when the blessings are bright and lovely and right in front of you.

So I scrolled back through to find Suz' post and seek the words of my heart. You know you are blessed when... your husband drives you to the beach for dinner...even if he says it is going to rain & i'm in denial.

and a few more?
- little birds swooping out from the hedge, and realizing we have created a home for them
- a new treatment for a friend, and hope.
- following the Compassion bloggers and feeling the heart of Africa all over again
- blue nail polish
- sixteen photos of beautiful necklaces... and her chance to choose one to borrow
- mother's day gifts that made me smile and feel loved
- eating walking tacos in May
- being on track (and ahead of the game) for graduation
- bittersweet celebrations
- stopping right in my tracks to thank God for the time we've had, and knowing He understands why I want more
- Suz... for guiding me back to to tallying.


Unknown said...

I absolutely loved this post Dawn. I love when we can name the things we are thankful for! The things that make us blessed.

Southern Gal said...

I'm glad you're counting again.

I want to see your blue nail polish.

I thought of you while reading the blog posts from Tanzania. And my daughter who left part of her heart in Botswana.

Richella Parham said...

Way to go, Suz! And oh, Dawn--who but you could write so eloquently of being stopped in your tracks, reminded, and getting back on track with something important?? Your words a like a salve--a healing balm to any part of me that's ever hurting. You have a true gift, sweet friend. Thank you for using it.

All the rest of us can add this entry to our lists:

"Dawn's words and photos, and the way they point to God."

Busy Bee Suz said...

Funny...I always see you as the person who SEE'S all the little things to be thankful for! I loved this...loved that I spurred your brain for good and not evil. {like usual}
I'm going to start carrying a little notebook; so I can remember the little blessings in my day too.

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