August 13, 2012

all in a weekend

Our life spins in a two week cycle... and every other weekend we have him all to ourselves.   I often waste away the weekends he is working, as if the three lovely days barely exist... watching the clock until he walks in the door, and hoping he has some small bit of energy left for fun. But on our weekends, we work around the have-tos and try to carve out time for an outing. And sometimes, we abandon the have-tos all together and just create a weekend of adventure. 

We took the long road that stretches across our state... and added in the adventure of Camden behind the wheel. I am amazed at how well he drives and I am chalking it up to "boy." He turned the wheel over to Eric though, to navigate the city streets and find our destination...

We had to brave a huge storm to get home in time for our double date... and enjoyed the night out. Sitting in an English Pub, watching the Olympics over fish & chips seemed just right.

And as if we hadn't packed enough fun into the weekend, we decided to throw in a movie yesterday after church. I started to feel guilty about the extravagance of the weekend, but decided instead to be thankful for the time together. School is just around the bend, and with it comes marching season and Boy Scout camping and real life that holds us back from adventure, even on our weekends.

So it was a large popcorn and dancing on the big screen for us... and there may have been some cheering, too, as the four of us became totally immersed in Step Up

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh...where oh where did you go? And how did you do all this without me knowing??? :) Camden is driving on the highway already? Next stop: Nascar. LOL
Looks like a lovely weekend together, even if very packed. Who deserves a lovely weekend? YOU do!

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