August 30, 2012

in the neighborhood...

The entrance is quiet.
The tree is bare... instead of, well, bear.
Yes, there was a little excitement in our quiet little neighborhood yesterday.

not my photo: : a friend of my husband's took this
Eric sent me a text while I was at work, and I hoped and hoped and hoped that the bear might still be up in the tree when I got home. I've never seen a bear out of the zoo before!  I drove in, and there he was... still curled up in the branches of the tree-top. Like everyone else, we wanted to gawk...
uh, yes... the blurry picture IS mine! (along with the rest of them)
 Between the time we drove by and then walked up to our entrance, that bear had climbed down, wanting to go on across the street to his woodsy home. The deputies and FWC (fish & wildlife conservation) had traffic stopped, and they had a plan to get "Jim" across the street... but as more people gathered and cars backed up, he was scared back into the tree.  At last one of the deputies made the plea for everyone to please head on home...

It was more excitement than we've had for a while {only our neighorhood-wide garage sale draws more cars!} and it was fun until we were shuffled along.  The added bonus was this... a beautiful view of the moon.
{do you think this is a blue corn moon?}



Pam said... were at home and saw a bear? And I went to the Rocky Mountains and did NOT see a bear. Not fair! LOL But oh so cool for you. Excitement in the 'hood! : ) Thanks for the pics.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh sweet little Jim. I mean sweet big Jim. I do hope he stays in his woodsy is safer there!

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