September 05, 2012

then sings my soul

We headed to the beach Sunday night. An end of the work-weekend celebration, a time to chance to visit with friends, and a chance to seek beauty and refresh my soul.  For a reason unclear, I feel like this soul needs more than its share of refreshing. We packed the cooler, threw in the chairs, and off we went... deciding on a different beach instead of my beloved lot #3.  But with the promise of a sweet treat afterwards, no one minded.

With the sun already on its descent, the golden light played across our faces... and the desire to soak it all up is almost overwhelming. I know that I come for that as much as I do for sunset color. The boys hit the water for frisbee while the girls looked on, sat and read, snapped photos, and breathed in the salty air. Before I could even snap all the playing silhouettes, they were ending the game and coming towards me. Slapping their legs, screeching just a little... and miserable. A man walked by nodding I guess the baby jellyfish got them. We looked around and saw that no one else was in the water. No. One.

Once dinner was out of the coolers, the ice packs took on a second shift in first aid while me munched, passed the chips and visited. The sun was sinking, still... calling me to the edge. And I couldn't even convince Eric to walk down the shoreline... the mysterious stings adding another reason why the beach is not his favorite place. But me... I can never resist.

Gold light lays across the ocean. A path right to the sun. It teases just a little when the pink gold reaches to the sand, a stepping stone on solid ground. Oh please, come just a little closer?  But my feet sink into the sand, anchoring me, keeping me in the real. 

And once again, His beautiful evening art sings to my soul.



Corinne Cunningham said...

Darn jelly fish...
but the pictures are beautiful :) And even with the threat of jellyfish, the beach is still dreamy...

Southern Gal said...

There's nothing like it, is there? So glad you got to experience that sunset, your family and your Father like that in a refreshing evening.

Pam said...

Beautiful pics...we've only been to 'a' beach for a few minutes. You make me want to stay all day! : ) Beautiful post...I'm glad He renewed your soul. Again. : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

I feel like your soul is always singing...but then again, maybe I just feel it because of you. Love the photos and I don't love those baby jellyfish. Although...they are pretty cute while safely tucked into a kayak.

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