September 07, 2012

if we were in the olympics...

For the past few years, Fridays have been all about sandwiches. Almost one hundred of them. I had a good system though, and in a hour, I'd have them wrapped and ready to serve. To the band, before the game. The last two years I had help... and who knows how many minutes we cut off, because we were too busy laughing to figure it out. It was good... and it hardly felt like "work" when I was racing against time with a friend.

This year... we were still willing, but another plan was put into play and now, our Fridays are free. Free! until game time when we cheer on our kids, and 250+ others. Last Friday, we played...

It is so still out there and quiet...unless we were laughing. Which was... almost always. We tossed her waterproof camera back & forth, we admired tiny jelly fish, and we raced as if we were in the Olympics. Well... only for a quick bursts of seconds at a time. And {ahem!} only if she was ahead.  The truth is, we'd probably only medal if laughing was an Olympic sport.

I hope, beyond hope, that you have at least one friend who can make you laugh {and laugh, and laugh, and laugh.}



Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, and we are like minded today too!
Yes, if laughing was a sport, we would be gold medal winners! I had so much fun; as always with you!

Southern Gal said...

I know y'all had a ball! Wish I was there.

Pam said...

Fun day for both of you! I'm always so jealous when you all get together...I wanna come. : )

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