September 12, 2012

a coffee ramble... and remembering

The day comes to a close, and I remember that I forgot to write. I also forgot to clean up dinner. And check in with the Hello Morning Girls (again.) And lying in bed, I realize that I never said goodnight to my used-to-be-early-bird-daughter, who now is staying up quite late. Lately, life seems to be a bunch of not-enough-time-or-energy... but when I do remember, I realize that getting back into the swing of school is hard for me (which is kind of lame, because I am not the one with the homework!)  And so I forgive myself, and go on... and try to do better. 

Yesterday, along with the world, I did some remembering. I did not watch a single documentary, or even watch those towers crumble over and over again.  I feel no need, as it is etched on my heart.  I did ask Camden if he remembered it happening. Yes, but not where I was and I kind of giggled... because he was so small, just in preschool. But even so, he was not spared he trauma... because September 12th brought the 11th to reality for our family as my two sweeties watched their Daddy pack up his Coast Guard gear and head off into the unknown. It was the beginning of a different life. One where our roof only covered three, and we had to count on our prayers to cover Eric. It was a life of doing something instead of wishing we could help.  All of our wishing was saved for a speedy homecoming. And when it was all done and four years of deployments were behind us, it became a life of deeper thankfulness. Not a week goes by that we don't recall what it was to be apart. Still.

Today the sky is blue, the sun shines golden through the trees, and the day is new. A fresh start. A chance to tackle the to-do list with energy.  A day to give thanks.


Pam said...

Well said. And thank you for your family's sacrifice. I don't have a clue what that's like, but thank you.

I remembered also...without watching a single second of news footage. I don't need it either.

Hugs, my friend! : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

No rehashing here of video or isn't necessary for me either.
Your family did good stuff for OUR families! And for that, we are thankful.

Southern Gal said...

I learned something else about you today. Thank you. And thank Eric for us.

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