May 20, 2013

a gift and a justification

Last night the thought crossed my mind that today I was going to get on the treadmill.  But as I was pulling up the covers, I realized I hadn't put out my shoes... so I knew the chances of me actually walking would be slim.  This morning, awake, but still snuggled in the warmth of blankets, Camden popped in and told me today was an AICE testing day... and so I got up and did what a good mama does and made him a nice breakfast (after making a deal with him to move my car from behind his truck while I cooked!)  We had breakfast together... and even a little morning conversation.  It was nice, and I realize that I mostly let this little blessing pass...

After a goodbye and an I love you, he headed out to school, but before I knew it, he was opening the door again with a Mom the sky looks really beautiful...  There we stood in the driveway, me in my pajamas and he with his backpack, and admired the sky for just a moment before he left.  If I had been on the treadmill I would have had the garage door open and probably would have seen the morning beauty unfold... but I count it a bigger gift that my son knows me by heart and came back in to let me know God had painted a masterpiece that I just had to see...

Some other gifts from the week?
-she mentioned that she met friends!
-and she went to the museum with them!
-meeting a friend for lunch, and her being such a good friend that she wouldn't let me breathe in the firey peppers on the grill and let me escape, while she ordered {and paid!}  I love you, Suz!
-laughter, a lot.
-a phone call that he was driving into town, a text that he was heading to the mall, and knowing he made the round trip safely!
-the chance to be a part of making a special place, honoring a friend
-finding forgotten chocolate in my desk drawer
-being able to take our son to a concert {third day, josh wilson + colton dixon!}
-ending up in the first row of the balcony, even with general admission seating
-that there is worship in the rock music

-listening to my husband sing
-knowing there is rest for the weary and the broken-hearted
-the disney store
-a friend's acting ability
-date night
-dessert before dinner
-a phone call with our girl, all is well
-singing two of his favorite songs in church... shine, Jesus shine + all you works of God bless the Lord
-how our eyes met across the fellowship hall and we bee-line in for our weekly hug
-plans, plans...coming together
-dove raspberry & dark chocolate swirls...


Southern Gal said...

That he knows his mama's heart is such a sweet thing. Lots of good stuff on this list today. I especially love all the mention of chocolate, girlfriend. ;)

Mindy said...

Found your blog from Imparting Grace ~ such a beautiful photo of God's handiwork!

Pam said...

Making friends...the best. So happy for her! : ) And so envious of you that you get to hang out with the Suz...I would love to have lunch with her someday! Love this whole post, girl...happyhappyhappy! : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

Camden is such a special young man....with a fine heart. Him seeing the beauty in the sky? He came by that naturally. :)
Your thankful/happy list is always so sweet. So proud to be a part of it, as you are part of mine!

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