May 13, 2013

a weary, wonderful monday...

A five day weekend can be too much, and not enough, all at once... and no matter which, weary is the outcome. But facing a Monday with sweet memories tucked into this weary soul, I will make it through... because there is never too much wonderful...

-a long-awaited adventure
-fitting almost everything...
-wrapping my arms around my daughter and assuring her that this is always home
-a scruffy polar bear...pillow and friend
-pink wildflowers along the highway

-spanish moss-draped trees...everywhere
-moving her into God's will
-kilwin, kilimanjaro, killroy, kitty-cat, krill...
-books, books, and more books!
-his new hat
-baby iris
-two dreams realized
-someone having faith in your child
-lotsa lime green
-a make-shift window seat

-a date night
-mother's day, early
-her smiling face
-an unopened box of kleenex
-steps in the park

-heated seats
-putting my arms around her one more time
-safety on the road
-making it home in time for band awards
-putting my arms around my son after being away
-mother's day, again

-putting my feet in the sand
-watching the coquinas dig

I hope that if your Monday finds you seeking rest, you can re-play some beautiful weekend memories to help you through...



Southern Gal said...

It all sounds so wonderful, Dawn. The unopened box of tissue made me smile. Yes, replaying the weekend memories and getting a fresh burst of that feeling of blessing from it. Love.

Pam said...

What a full day! Such beauty in your girl branching out and becoming who she already is. And your big boy growing up too. Sigh. So thankful you could see the love and the beauty and the wonderful in it all. Hugs, my friend!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You fit a lot into a short amount of time....makes ME weary just thinking about it. I'm so glad Laura is tucked into her new place; it looks great. {Wishing her ALL the best!!!}
Love all the photos you captured....and love that you can save those tissues for your next sneeze and not a good cry.

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