May 24, 2013

friday letters...

Dear Weekend,
A three day weekend plus my Friday off equals FOUR!  Thank you.  Four days to breathe.  And play. And remember.  Tomorrow Cam will head to the cemetery for a clean up and to place flags for the veterans... and we'll go to the ceremony Monday.  We also plan to relax with friends... and I am hoping that maybe I'll fit in another kayak adventure with my Mom!

Dear Mom,
I have loved seeing your art on facebook!  It surprises me everytime your name pops up!  I am so thankful and overjoyed that you have found such a wonderful niche at the zoo... and that they appreciate you so!  I keet meaning to tell you... when I mention to Tim that you were my mom, he said YOUR MOM IS AWESOME!  Yep, he did.  And yep. You are... I love you!

Dear Spring Football Game,
Hooray for the win! 
But also, hooray for making me remember how much I miss marching season.  I loved seeing the kids in their spirit wear, playing and dancing their hearts out. 

Dear Sweet Senior Bass Drummer,
Thank you... for this:

From behind me I heard Hi Mom and without turning around I replied Hi Cam... but then I turned and saw him with that big drum.  My smile?  A mile wide!  And so was his.  Thank you, for passing your drum along to him and taking his cymbals and giving him a chance to play back to the band room...

Dear Friends,
Is your prayer list long?  I am amazed at how mine keeps growing and growing.  But I just keep on... because it is the only thing I know.  I wish you a peaceful, full weekend... and some answered prayers.



Southern Gal said...

Oh, you know my prayer list is long, but I see God's hand in it all. That was such a sweet gesture of the band mate. Dreams come true! I want your mom to make my food for me. Who wouldn't enjoy something like that? Do the animals appreciate it? ;)

Anonymous said...

Your mom is free Saturday and Sunday! At the zoo on Monday.....raking giraffe poop!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this....especially seeing Cam with that big ole drum! I hope your weekend is both fun and full of breathing; you know, the good kind.

Richella Parham said...

A glimpse of the future there with your Cam!! :)

Lots of answered prayers for me this week. . . so grateful!

Love you, sweet friend!

Mindy said...

I love your Friday letters! My prayer list includes the residents of Oklahoma. I hope your weekend is full of joy and love.

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