October 03, 2013

just an hour...

For years, late afternoon has been our time.
Me, home from work, and them, from school... a time for catching up on the day, sharing tea, sitting close, just spending time.  But life is different now with Laura away at school, and Camden sifting the through workload that his junior year has brought.  His homework spills over to the weekend and it all boggles my mind.  Too often I shout across the house I miss you, because truth cannot be held.

Missing Laura is different.
Five hours away is a mix of reaching out and holding back, seeking the best balance and not always succeeding. It is a work in progress, a long distance love, uneasy wonder and ache.

I am seeking a new ordinary, not quite sure where to start.
More than two months into a new school year and I am still marking time, still exploring my options and seeking courage to let go of that one golden hour. The possibilities are endless though...  and maybe, just maybe, a new ordinary could be something to celebrate.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my friend. I understand this....its hard to grasp the change. But I know YOU are rolling with it. A new ordinary....love that thought.

Southern Gal said...

There will be amazing things happening in that hour soon. I just know it. Is that chai latte? It sure looks like chai latte. Can I bring my Rejoice cup and sit with you?

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