January 28, 2009

time for us

Watching my daughter grow by leaps and bounds before my very eyes, I am happy and sad... all at once. There are moments when I know I have not given her the time she needed with me... and daily, time is slipping away. Gone are the days when we would lay in bed and read together... play Barbies and dress-up. No more pretend tea served with plastic cake, on pink plastic china. We have moved on to bigger and better things... but there is no substitute for the time lost. I know that there were long stretches of time, mostly during Eric's deployments, when there just wasn't enough of me to go around... and I was thankful for children who amused themselves... but those are also my regrets. That I didn't plop myself down in the midst of them and just be close to them... listen to them giggle... and play. Lately, these regrets have risen to the surface... time moves too quickly. A couple of afternoons a week Cam has after school programs... and so when I get home from work, it is just us girls. Completely by accident, or perhaps by God's hand, we have started a ritual, these past two days... my daughter and me. We have carved out time, just for us... a steaming cup of tea, and a sliver of something sweet... and something more precious than anything else... conversation.


Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so SWEET. I am glad you are making up for lost time....just so you know, I don't think ANY of us ever spend enough time w/ our kids...really. It seems like it at the time, but when time passes, it seems like we could have DONE more.
The story of life. Our lives. :)

Wendi said...

I love these stolen moments, and to have them with your daughter? Just fabulous! I've been having my own I-can't believe-she's-almost-three moments. It sure does move faster once you have children. Making the most of every day just has to be our mommy mantra! p.s. Love your new design....I usually read it on google reader, so I don't always see all your decor..I'll have to make a point to make that extra click! I especially love your "prayers for"...great idea!!

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