January 12, 2009

a moment

I was just stopping by the information counter to pick up a map, and my new necklace, the one with the little door, caught the volunteer's eye. She admired it from the distance across the counter, but I could tell she was intrigued... and so I removed it from around my neck, so she could really see it. I could tell the instance it hit her heart... the connection... the almost tears that welled in her eyes. She did not share her story, but it was there... oh, I could feel it. She asked me how she could find one, and after our chatting, I headed off to find my son, wandering the visitor's center. In gift shop, there she was again... she walked by me and kind of squeezed my arm a little. This woman has been on my mind... I hope that what is behind her next open door brings her joy...

1 comment :

Busy Bee Suz said...

That is so sweet. Little moments like that....they linger because you have a huge heart!!!
I hope she found her door too.

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