January 03, 2009

fresh and new

Ahhh... a new calendar... squeaky clean, and just calling to me and my sharpie. Ahhh... a new year... full of potential, and memories to make. Today my bright new calendar has been filled... with birthdays and anniversaries, times and places we all need to be. Nice and tidy, just how I'd love my life to be. Just my very own neat handwriting... no scribbles, no doodles, no mistakes. Squeaky clean, fresh and bright. Once I hang it up on the fridge it will be fair game... for three other's scrawling hands... events planned and cancelled... for real life. The life that is mine... cluttered... full... sometimes darn right messy. But it is my mess... my beautiful mess. And whatever the new year brings... wherever it takes us, we will journey there together, holding hands, and thanking God for each and every day.

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