April 17, 2014

more lego love...

The other night he dragged a bin of LEGOs into the living room, and together, he & his dad laid out a map of the USA.  If you have to do homework, it might as well be fun. He added a mini-figure or two, some LEGO gold... and it was good to go.  He is 17, and he still can't get enough of those colorful bricks.  The architecture series makes the Christmas & birthday lists, and he loves the mystery of the mini-figure pouches... and I love that he still loves them.  

Over Spring Break, we visited the botanical garden. I had been saving a couple of free passes for just this purpose... the LEGO exhibit.  

Cam and I walked around this labyrinth laughing.  He was ahead of me and I was trying to catch up without skipping a turn, but he was full speed ahead and I was in sandals.  I was convinced there was fire in the center {wrong}, which made us laugh even more.  I suppose we were just too silly for this meditation garden, but I would never pass up a chance to laugh with this boy!  

I'm not sure when we would have made it back to the garden, if not for the LEGOs.  It was probably our biggest-spring-break-fun-day, the three of us wandering the gardens, exploring nature and finding LEGOs in unexpected places, laughing and playing the day away...

It is a happy talent to know how to play.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Ashish Rathore said...

Life has got so much to give you...and you seems to be receiving it with both hands :)
Lovely pictures <3

Ida said...

What an awesome outing. The Lego Buffalo is so cool. I think it's fantastic that your son enjoy Lego's at 17, perhaps he may become an architect?

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a perfect outing for the three of you. (love Eric the photobomber!)
It's awesome that Cam hasn't tired of the legos....what an imaginative activity and HE is an imaginative young man. The birdfeeder is amazing!!

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