April 01, 2014

when stillness calls...again

I pray the day away... whispering up thanks, asking for healing, covering someone in prayer.  A friend thanks me for being a prayer warrior, but sometimes, lately, I feel more like a prayer-slinger. Life is moving fast, and I can't seem to grab hold, slow it down.  There are days I don't even try. There is no question, it is easier to bob along with the tide than to step out of the current and really live.

But what I lose while I'm bobbing along, desperately praying desperate prayers?  I lose what I need most.  His voice.  Slinging up prayers, one after the other, doesn't leave much time for listening for His voice.

This past week, the list grew long.  Longer than it has in a while.  SO long, that I had to step out, take time, to gather my thoughts and prayers.  Take time, to breathe each and every prayer, and give it, and Him, its due. And I felt His calling... to be still. While you wait in My Presence, I do My best work within you: transforming you by the renewing of your mind. {Jesus Calling, Sarah Young}

I could use some transforming.  I could use some refreshing.  I could use some rest, of body and soul.  Who couldn't?  

So I watch the birds fly in to the feeder, and out again.  They flutter through the trees, and I breathe in His glorious creation, His marvelous colors.  I stretch my legs out across Eric's lap, and laugh when he gives me the look. And when Cam & I cheer over a double hole-in-one, the celebration sends joy through my heart... joy for life, for living... for breathing room.  And I begin... to list my prayers, one by one.  Taking time... to speak love and let Love come back to me.


Southern Gal said...

You are a prayer warrior even when you're "slinging" the prayers. I feel like a prayer slinger, too. I have things on the horizon that will let me slow down, but until then...

Someone reminded me lately to look at the prayers of Paul. Conviction.

And that photo? Breathtaking. Seriously.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this and you. YOU are a warrior in so many ways….don't forget that.

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