June 10, 2014

feels like a monday on tuesday...

It wasn't easy pulling myself out from under the warm blankets, the comfortable sleeping in of summer. School is finally out, my boy is officially a senior, and I am back on my summer work schedule... flip-flopping the balance of work days from four to three.  Perfection.  

But Monday still came... this week on a Tuesday.  Four people needing to be in four places at four different times, which might not be a problem unless you are down to two cars.  And someone heading out to drive his cousins to camp, forgetting that his truck tank was hovering just above empty.  Oh yes... and having to pull myself from beautiful, cozy sleep to wide awake and workout clothes.  Hours later I feel like we are all still just adjusting.

The actual Monday of our week? 
Morning errands, a college meetings and job applications... lunch for four {thank you Jason's Deli for making it easy for Eric to grab a quick sandwich!} We came home to a storm rolling in, which was the perfect excuse to curl up with a book and laze the afternoon away.  And since both kids wanted to accompany Eric to the grocery store, my afternoon stretched on into evening...

I live for summer like I live for the weekends.  And a Tuesday-Monday during summer hardly has a sting when it is only followed by two more work days!

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Busy Bee Suz said...

How sweet though…..the rush of morning slowed down just in time for a lazy afternoon. :)

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