May 30, 2014

friday letters...

Dear Friday Letters...
It's been a while.
I have had plenty to say, but sometimes I just think it, and forget to write it down.

Dear Disney World,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  After riding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train before opening day I said okay, the rest of this trip is gravy!  And really, it was.  I had been watching to progress, and watching every website I could think of, waiting for the opening day announcement! I was disappointed that it would open after we left, but I held out hope for the 24 hour event... and by 8am, we had ridden twice!  You outdid yourselves!  This ride is fun and beautiful!

Dear Imagineers,
I love your imaginations!
The Festival of Fantasy parade was spectacular! And the costumes!!!  I think I might need one of those circus dresses...

Dear Buzy Bee Suz,
Thank you for driving out to safari road and the trail!  I loved sharing it with you and your family!  I wish you could have seen the baby gators, but seeing deer, owls and the BIG gator was fantastic!  I hope you'll come out again!

Dear Tanya,
Oh, my dear long, lost friend!  It was SO wonderful to see you, even if it was only two ten minute visits! Your family is beautiful, and your joy is always contagious!

And now... I'm running out to collect supplies for graduation gifts.
We have a five-party marathon tomorrow for these beauties:



Southern Gal said...

I'll bet you could make that red and white circus dress with duct tape! You could.

Your graduation list sounds like mine. We have 7 of them, plus three weddings! It's that time of year. Have fun!

Mindy said...

I always love your Friday letters. We have several graduates in our family as well - such a fun celebration.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love your letters my friend. And that dress? It is going to look so good on YOU.....but it might just taunt your kitty to no end with the hanging pieces.
Our field trip to your Safari road was priceless; so glad my sweet tour guide was available.
YOUR joy is contagious; we had a great time visiting withh you at Lindsay's party. We are so blessed that you are part of our family circle.

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